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Our Philosophy

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great achievements"

At MTSocial, we aim to support the growth of businesses using the world's most influential tool: Social Media. We hope to provide a chance for businesses to flourish with a chance to be heared: Your own voice, widely recognised in a new age. MT Social brings opportunity and fair chances to businesses both small and large, while helping customers to strive in what they do. We aim to provide and effective service, confident that we will tailor our services to the needs of our clients, using a modern and dynamic approach to the presentation of your company in the age of social media.

Who Are We?

We are a social media consultancy! We help you get started and manage your social media connections. Whether you're a new company, or already fully established - we can help you!

Meet Our Team

Finley Morgan

Rhys Tedstone

Managing Director

Chief Technology Officer

I believe in using my passion for business to help promote and support other small businesses. I believe that social media is the most influential tool to use in terms of promoting a business. It is the face of a company. Whether big or small, a presence can easily be distinguished and can help anyone gain a following. As the managing director, I aim to support my clients in any way possible in order to make sure that their brand is recognised widely. As the CTO, I usually manage the technological solutions. I aim to keep everything in working order - even if it requires a lot of time and effort. I enjoy helping others succeed, which is why I like our company. We aim to help other companies - not put them down. I also aim to be as transparent as possible as I wouldn't like to be kept in the dark myself. I want everyone to know that regardless of their issue, there is a person on the other end to help them.

Services We Offer

Social Media Account Management

Whether your fond of posting pics of your products, or updating your followers: Our social media management is right for you! Every client has a consultant assigned to them - allowing us to enhance our services.

Social Media Advertisment Creation and/or Management

Advertising is a must to expand your audience - So why not use your social media to integrate advertisments? We can help you manage your advertisment campaigns - and even create them for you! With either your own images our using our in-house graphic designs.

Campaign Effectivity and Presence Evaluations

Sometimes, we just can't figure out why an ad campaign isn't working out. We can help with that. We are able to easily assess your advertisment campaigns' effectivity. From your targeted demographic to the language used in the adverts - there are many factors to consider.

Analytic Reporting and Collection

Being able to track how your social media accounts are doing is vital to monitor the growth of your business. It allows you to target a specific site. If your facebook page is more popular than your instagram page, we can help you discover this information.

Contact Us

You can contact us through a variety of methods shown below. We should answer within a few hours, however, if we do not, please try another method of contact.

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